6 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Business in Phoenix

Digital Marketing StrategyAny business that is trying to market itself online should have a well thought out digital marketing program and a clear path for implementation.

According to a recent report by Smart Insights, about half of marketers have active digital marketing programs but lack a clear plan. The other half is shared between those with independent digital strategy (17-percent) and those who have incorporated the program into a broad marketing strategy (34-percent). Integrating a strong digital marketing strategy into your general marketing plan is great way to turbocharge your results in an increasingly mobile world.

Note: If you are just getting started, or have no knowledge of digital marketing, your best shot would be to work with an experienced digital marketing agency in Phoenix.

Here are six reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy for your business:

Direction and Focus

You cannot get lost if you don’t know where you are going. Ideally, you need to have an end goal in mind, and a defined path on how you are to get there. Having a marketing strategy gives you direction and focus, and allows you to make decisions that will help you reach your goals.

For instance, wanting more visits to your website is not a definite goal, but wanting 2000 visits per month by the end of the year is. With the goal in mind, it is easier to concentrate your efforts towards making that happen.

What Gets Written Gets Done

Putting the strategy in writing is the next step. Once you have your marketing strategy documented, you can leverage it as a guide for your monthly, weekly and daily work.

You’ll Be Better Resourced

With a strategy in place, it’s easier to establish the kind of budget your digital program requires to succeed and the type of skills you need to actualize your plans. For instance, if you are planning to outsource the solution to a digital marketing agency in Phoenix, the written strategy will help point out your budget and expectations and will guide you to choosing an agency that will help achieve your defined goals.

Minimize Waste and Duplication

As a business owner who is invested in growing the company, you should be mindful of where your resources are going. Without a proper plan in place, it is easy to waste resources.

For instance, you can minimize digital media wastage by defining media exclusions, like:

  • Geographical locations or territories
  • Industries you want to target
  • Decreasing spend in some day parts and increasing spend on others

Measure, Optimize and Stay Ahead

Set up a dashboard using Google Analytics and other tools. These dashboards should give you the real-time KPIs for the digital marketing program. Measuring progress to standards is essential for moving the needle on results.

Having a strong digital marketing strategy is critical for success online. These six areas will help you make sure your program succeeds.

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Author: Sheila Kloefkorn

With more than 25 years of hands on marketing strategy and operations experience, Sheila Kloefkorn is dedicated to developing marketing strategies and plans that help clients succeed. Some of the world's largest brands have depended on Sheila for marketing programs that delivered tangible and substantial results. Specialties: B2B marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing, sales strategy, marketing strategy, competitive marketing strategy, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, email marketing, website design, marketing plans.