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Here are four critical factors to look for when you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

Partnering with the right digital marketing strategy is crucial to your company’s success. Businesses of all sizes are investing heavily in digital marketing and reaping the benefits, which include more customers and increased earnings.

Companies must have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place to stay competitive in today’s environment and not miss out on sales. As a proven digital marketing agency, KEO Marketing can help you create a strategy that will drive your business success.


The KEO Marketing team offers more than 25 years of experience working with the top brands and running effective Internet marketing campaigns. In fact, our CEO, Sheila Kloefkorn, placed one of the very first online ads. KEO Marketing understands digital marketing and stays current on all the latest techniques and best practices.


KEO Marketing does not just focus on one or two areas of digital marketing but offers a full scope of B2B marketing services. Within each area, KEO Marketing offers certified subject matter experts who specialize in an aspect of Internet marketing. As a team they determine which tactics– social media marketing, B2B lead generation, email marketing, etc., are appropriate to include in your marketing strategy.

An impressive track record.

Before engaging an Internet marketing agency, you want to ensure they are goal-oriented and produce results. KEO Marketing’s numerous case studies demonstrate its expertise in developing results-oriented marketing strategies and its dedication to helping clients succeed.

Satisfied clients.

KEO Marketing’s clients are proud to share their experience through their online testimonials. These digital marketing case studies visibly express clients’ satisfaction with KEO Marketing as well as the positive results they realized.

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KEO Marketing is known for being a leader in marketing and in the B2B community in this era of rapid innovation and constantly changing technologies.

- Steven G. Zylstra, CEO, Arizona Technology Council

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