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As the age of digital advertising continues to grow, it is more important than ever to understand what return you are getting for your investment. KEO Marketing will use proven analytic research to determine how your leads began their conversion path and provide data to determine which avenues produce the most qualified leads.

What is
Lead Attribution?

Lead Attribution is the process of determining how leads became associated with your product or service. Businesses typically are engaged in more than one advertising campaign at any given time. Determining which of these efforts is producing the highest number of leads will help to give you a better measurement of where you should be focusing your budget. Through analytic research, KEO Marketing will define the campaigns currently driving individuals to your business and will create a plan that will produce tangible results.

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What Are the Benefits
Lead Attribution Research?

KEO Marketing can help you develop a lead attribution strategy that will:

  • Yield more sales-ready leads
  • Gain higher close ratios
  • Shorten your average sales cycle
  • Build a predictable and sustainable pipeline

We utilize a number of solutions to build you a customized solution. From analytic research to content development to social media, KEO Marketing can help you develop a successful lead attribution campaign that drives leads and sales.


What Our Clients Say

Sheila and the entire KEO Marketing team have been an invaluable resource to ULC and have given us the tools and courage to meet today’s business challenges

Paul Hopkins

Board Chairman, ULC