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Nearly every prospect will research products through the search engines.
Make sure your company’s content is shown first in the search engine results.

More Leads Through SEO Lead Generation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost effective lead generation strategies in today’s constantly-connected world. Optimizing your website’s pages and the content you produce will help you gain higher rankings in the search engines which will drive more quality traffic to your website.


Source: Forrester

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process through which your business’s website is made attractive to search engines.  The purpose of search engine optimization is to produce a consistent quantity of qualified leads coming to your website by appearing near the top of the first pages of the search engines.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, have a set of criteria that they use to evaluate the “customer-relevance” of a website.  Search engines use their website-evaluation algorithms to find pages that are relevant to the web searchers who are looking for them. When the web page matches the criteria that the search engine is looking for, the page is ranked more highly on the search engine results page.

Marketing teams and web developers work together to create or redesign websites to make them attractive to search engines. The criteria of the search engines change constantly, and KEO Marketing stays on top of the changes to help you achieve and maintain high rankings.

How SEO Lead Generation Will Help Your Business

Leads from the search engines are highly qualified because the person who arrives from the search engine was actively looking for your type of product or service.  When your web page is at the top of the search engines when they are searching, it means that your site was a best-match.

KEO Marketing, an award-winning SEO agency, will create an entirely optimized site for your business and then will stay on top of the changes in the search engines to keep your website ranked highly and producing a stream of highly-qualified leads.


KEO Marketing’s expertise, keen insight and laser sharp recommendations took my company website up to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing (previously had been featured on the 4th and 5th pages).

- Sherri Thomas, President, Career Coaching 360

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