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Social media marketing has emerged as one of the most powerful forms of online marketing. Designed to increase brand awareness and visibility, social media marketing helps businesses deliver their message to a ready audience.

Whether you want to sell products, publish business updates and press releases, or tell your customers about an upcoming event, social media marketing is an effective strategy that can help you achieve all of those goals.

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  • Blogs – Blogs (and now Vlogs, aka video blogs) are perhaps the best known form of social media. Blogs are online journals, many of which have evolved into full-fledged websites. Allowing people to actively interact with content and subscribe to that content from any device, blogs have changed the landscape of content on the web. Blogs are an effective way to disseminate content, build links between content, make content easily consumable and be found in search engine results.
  • Video– With more than one hundred video search engines available and video sites serving more traffic than most search engines, video is the fastest growing online media. YouTube is second only to Google as a search destination. Video is an essential component of any effective online marketing strategy.
  • Podcasts and Video Podcasts – iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets have become ubiquitous with users consuming audio and video files at an exponentially growing rate. This format gives depth and power to content. Create and leverage your digital audio and video files with optimized podcasts.
  • Wikis – Wikis allow people to add content to or edit the information on them, acting as a communal document or database. The best-known wiki is wikipedia, the online encyclopedia which has over 2 million English language articles.
  • Forums – Forums are areas for online discussion, often around specific topics and interests. Forums came about before the term “social media” and are a powerful and popular element of online communities and a great way to enable customers to interact with your brand.
  • Content Communities – Content communities organize and share particular kinds of content based on a theme or type of media. Content communities are a great way to leverage content and facilitate interaction between users.
  • Microblogging – Microblogging is social networking combined with bite-sized blogging, where small amounts of content (‘updates’) are distributed online and through the mobile phone network. Twitter is the clear leader in this field with other sites like Facebook and LinkedIn incorporating microblog status updates. Leverage microblogging to keep your prospects and customers informed, connected and entertained.
  • Mobile – SMS, video, and the explosion of social media apps on smart phones have transformed the social media experience. Users are inseparable from their phones and are connected through social media all hours of the day. Mobile is the fastest growing segment of online marketing and is essential to success today.


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