Be recognizable.

Every step of the customer’s journey, make sure your message is comprehensive and consistent to generate a high return on investment.

Marketing Strategy

It seems customers are everywhere these days. A buyer receives 4000-5000 messages a day. They are interacting with businesses on websites and search engines, on their mobile phones and desktop computers, and through social media and email. Businesses must be present in those same places delivering a consistent message with integrated marketing.

How an integrated marketing
strategy boosts your business

An integrated marketing strategy allows you to reach your prospects and customers on any channel, and market the correct message to them at the right stage of their journey. Since potential customers will have many positive touch points and experiences with your business, having an integrated marketing strategy in place will ultimately boost your bottom line.

Our award-winning KEO Marketing team will help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy for every channel, as well as determine how you can best connect with your customers at any given time. We will ensure that you are seen and easily recognizable to your target audience. Our team will also encourage collaboration between each department at your business, including your marketing, public relations, and sales professionals to ensure you are on the same page and working towards a greater goal.

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Benefits of KEO Marketing’s
Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Improved brand recognition for your business
  • A multi-channel approach to marketing that will enable you to be seen on Google and other search engine results pages, social media websites, in apps and more
  • Consistent messaging across all the appropriate channels
  • A more seamless experience for the prospects and customers on their information and buying journeys
  • A comprehensive experience with your business for the customer
  • An overall increase in brand visibility
  • Increases in engagement, leads and sales


What Our Clients Say

We know that when we call KEO Marketing, there will be immediate and satisfactory follow-through. Sheila and her team are extremely responsive, knowledgeable & involved.

Caryn Balaban

Owner, Balaban Market Research Consulting