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Marketing Automation

To thrive in today’s fast changing marketplace, you have to be willing to adopt technologies and processes that will improve your company’s efficiency. As individuals grow accustomed to making purchases without ever talking to an actual person, the struggle to ensure they still feel a personal connection to your company grows more challenging. At the same time, not every buyer is ready to make a purchase at the time they do connect with you. KEO Marketing will not only improve your company’s efficiency, but will work with you to ensure that your customers feel that they are not just another number and you are ready for them when they are.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation if Done Effectively?

  • Improves the efficiency and productivity of marketing and sales teams
  • Enables sales to work the most qualified and ready leads
  • Improves touchpoints with prospective customers throughout the buying cycle
  • Enables your company to better target prospective customers
  • Keeps your company top of mind
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Generates more qualified leads and sales

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How Will KEO Marketing’s Automation Process Help My Business?

  • Research and analyze the steps of your sales system to determine where there are gaps and which leads convert and at what rates.
  • Determine which marketing automation platform would be appropriate for your company and budget, if needed.
  • Develop buyer personas to help determine which messages will move buyers through the buying cycle.
  • Review and clean your existing marketing lists.
  • Obtain new marketing lists if needed.
  • Segment your email and direct mail marketing lists by buyer persona.
  • Determine the channels and timeframes appropriate for reaching those buyers.
  • Create appropriate content by buyer persona.
  • Develop a campaign for each persona with a series of email messages, and direct mail where appropriate, based on their stage of the buying cycle.
  • Develop workflows within the system to assign a leads to appropriate campaigns.
  • Integrate the marketing automation system with your website and CRM.
  • Monitor and analyze your workflows and results to see where you are having the greatest traction throughout your campaign.
  • Optimize workflows and content based on results.

What Marketing Automation Services does KEO Marketing offer?

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We know that when we call KEO Marketing, there will be immediate and satisfactory follow-through. Sheila and her team are extremely responsive, knowledgeable & involved.

- Caryn Balaban, Owner, Balaban Market Research Consulting

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