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B2B Integrated Marketing

With changes in technology, marketing has become more complex. To survive in today’s fast-developing world, successful businesses must reach audiences through multiple media channels. Ensuring your business has a consistent brand image and experience across all of these channels is essential to securing your place at the top of your industry. Integrated marketing will help your business to stand out.

What Are The Benefits of an Integrated Marketing Strategy?

  • Creating a consistent brand experience.
  • Making your marketing budget more efficient.
  • Extending your reach with a multichannel approach.
  • Generating more qualified leads and sales.

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What Will KEO Marketing’s B2B Integrated Marketing Approach Include?

If your answers to any of these is no, we suggest a complimentary marketing audit.

  • Insight Selling Strategy – Does your message stand out and separate you from the competition?
  • Branding – Does your company brand tell a story that makes customers jump to refer you?
  • Inbound Marketing – Do your prospects seek you out?
  • Website – Is your website your best sales person?
  • Advertising – Are you getting the highest possible return on ad spend and is your advertising generating the numbers it once did?
  • Marketing Collateral – Does your marketing collateral excite and compel prospects to action?
  • Digital Marketing – Are you visible everywhere your prospects and customers are?
  • Email Marketing – Do you have a consistent system for attracting and nurturing leads until they are ready to buy?

Even as a strong player in our industry internationally, our company’s marketing has been elevated by KEO’s new involvement this year. We’re still ramping up with them, but they’ve handled the complex transition with admirable skill and patience. I look forward to doubling our lead generation later this year.

- Eric Friedman, eSkill

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KEO Marketing is known for being a leader in marketing and in the B2B community in this era of rapid innovation and constantly changing technologies.

- Steven G. Zylstra, CEO, Arizona Technology Council

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