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Social Media Advertising

Social advertising allows brands to share their message, their culture, and their products or services with a vast population of online users. Done effectively, it is a cost effective strategy that can help you amplify your brand presence, increase traffic, and improve sales and customer service.

Why Should I Invest in Social Advertising?

In spite of what some might tell you, social media today is not a primary B2B lead generator but it is a key part of an effective inbound marketing program. People spend more time on social media than many other outlets. Social media marketing, if done effectively can create powerful relationships with prospects and customers, position your brand as a leader, and create community.

You should invest in social media to amplify your brand and your message, connect with prospects and customers, and support your other marketing channels, particularly SEO.

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What Are the Benefits of Social Advertising with KEO Marketing?

  • Brand Awareness – With more than two-thirds of the country currently using social media platforms, social advertising is the perfect place to introduce your brand to individuals.
  • Establish Your Brand – Those who discover a new company will complete a search on social media sites to find out more information. Ensuring that your business has recent content and an established social presence will work to build your network.
  • Increased Sales – Through the use of demographic information and targeted marketing, you can utilize promoted content to advertise your company and products to new leads.
  • Improved Customer Feedback – Use social media to address customer issues to show that your business stands behind the products and services it offer. Utilizing social media for customer service will help to deepen brand loyalty and increase leads.

You have always been timely and responsive and with you we have come quite a long way. You have clearly been a partner in our growth - Communication is great!

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