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Social Media

Positive feedback and negative criticisms of companies are now shared and spread through social channels like wildfire. This can either help a company, or could spell trouble. Understanding who online is motivating and activating your clients can be extremely beneficial to your sales process. KEO Marketing will identify these key social media influencers to help you turn their activity into valuable brand mentions and qualified leads.

What is
A Social Influencer?

A social influencer is someone who is not only active online, but also helps to serve as a brand advocate. Although many businesses will target individuals for their high number of followers, selecting the best influencer, who can help tell the right story, is essential to building your brand. Identifying strong influencers in your industry can be challenging, but KEO Marketing leverages an award winning system that will produce tangible results for your business.

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Why Should My Company Invest
In Reaching Social Influencers?

More often than not, future clients or customers will look to outside sources for recommendations about your business. Establishing strong social influencers online will allow your company to gain positive traction with these clients, as well as help to move them along in the sales cycle. Aligning with the most helpful influencers will also drive additional traffic to your website and expand your brand as a respected leader within your industry. KEO Marketing is here to drive these results for your business and help you stand out from the competition.


What Our Clients Say

I have found the KEO Marketing gang to be knowledgeable, fun to work with and results driven. Now if only we had more time to be that way.

Chris Anding

Digital Marketing Director, Avnet Technology Solutions