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Real Time Bidding

Just like the stock exchange, real time bidding is way to leverage advertising at scale. Real time bidding occurs in the time it takes for a website to load. It happens within milliseconds and allows you to target prospective buyers based on their actions and demographics.

How Does Real Time Bidding Work?

Real time bidding occurs in the time it takes for you to blink your eyes. As a user enters a webpage, their data (demographic, web history, etc) is sent to a server where the business willing to pay the highest price for their advertisement to appear “wins” the bid. The advertisement is then loaded to the page and made visible to the visitor. Real time bidding helps a business to target specific prospects and use highly relevant advertising matched to their behavior to produce the most qualified leads.

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Why Should My Business Invest In Real Time Bidding?

  • The real time bidding process makes the ad buying experience more efficient and targeted at scale. This saves money and delivers better results.
  • Real time bidding delivers the most cost effective reach and frequency with advanced targeting and optimization.
  • Real time bidding offers a higher return on ad spend through elimination of wasted ad impressions.
  • Real time bidding offers more control over advertising campaign performance, access to premium inventory and greater transparency through the ad process.
  • Publishers also earn the highest rate possible on the real-time marketplace.
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We have worked directly together on multiple projects. Time after time KEO Marketing has gone far beyond what I have expected (or paid for) without being asked or reminded. They have impressed our entire staff with their diligence, follow through, creative problem solving of "unsolvable" issues.

- JD Hauger, COO / Director of Operations, GravityLab Multimedia

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