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Why ABM?
Benefits of Account Based Marketing

Account based marketing, or ABM, is a powerful outbound marketing strategy for reaching targeted prospect accounts and increasing qualified leads.

Benefits of account based marketing include:

  • Marketing & Sales work in tandem
  • Account focus rather than lead focus
  • Improves the prospect experience
  • Facilitates account expansion
  • Often increases deal size, close rate, and speed to close

Research and the real world experience of successful marketers show that account based marketing is here to stay.

  • Account based marketing facilitates sales and marketing alignment. Businesses are 67% better at closing deals when marketing and sales people are in sync.
  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing departments will, on average, produce 208% more in revenue for their marketing efforts.
  • Eighty percent of marketers saw that ABM outperformed other marketing approaches.
  • Eighty-four percent of marketers reported that account based marketing significantly helped them retain and expand their existing relationships with clients.

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For all these reasons and more, 92% of marketers say that ABM is very or extremely important regarding their overall marketing strategy.

The benefits of account based marketing are clear. A well planned and executed ABM strategy results in highly qualified leads, strengthened relationships with existing clients, aligned sales and marketing teams, and ultimately increased ROI.

Experience the benefits of account based marketing for your company. Contact us to create a customized ABM strategy that will turbocharge your outbound marketing, connect you with your most important target accounts and fill your sales pipeline with highly qualified leads.


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The SEO strategies they implemented were great for business and the overall cost-effectiveness was well worth it. KEO Marketing is a tremendous resource.

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