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Most businesses fail to utilize co-op advertising, but find that it offers a cost-effective way to get their products seen by the public. Each manufacturer will vary when it comes to co-op advertising, but understanding how and when to use it can greatly benefit your company and profits.

What is
Co-Op Advertising?

Co-Op advertising is a partnership between two businesses with regard to advertising a product or service. Tech companies often leverage this tactic successfully by sharing costs between advertisers and manufacturers.

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What are the Benefits of
Co-Op Advertising?

Co-op advertising reduces advertising and creative expenses, enabling you to reach your target market for less. Efforts should be coordinated by the marketing departments of both parties to ensure that the messaging and branding is a solid fit for both companies.


What Our Clients Say

I had the pleasure to work with Sheila and the KEO Marketing Team at MotorWeb.com and was immediately impressed with their knowledge and skills in Advertising and Marketing. I was further impressed with Sheila’s unique ability to communicate effectively to management and develop a strategic plan to accomplish the companies objectives.

Lonnie Boutté