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Getting Started with
ABM Marketing

ABM Marketing, or account based marketing, is revolutionizing the B2B industry.

When B2B marketers create and execute an account based marketing strategy, they hone in on coveted high-value accounts and forge relationships with key stakeholders. Instead of initiating contact with prospects with cold calls and generalized content, they are now personalizing their efforts, working together, and reaping the benefits.

Why is account based
marketing widespread?

B2B marketers are utilizing ABM for a variety of reasons.

  • A concrete account based marketing strategy can result in a high return on investment. According to an ITSMA survey, 85% of marketers who measure ROI reported that ABM delivers higher returns than many other marketing approaches.
  • ABM can be much more efficient than other marketing strategies. It includes a clearly defined target audience and presents highly targeted educational content designed to solve their challenges and move them through the buying cycle.
  • It encourages marketing to work with sales teams. Marketers and salespeople used to exist in silos, and now they are collaborating and bringing about greater results than ever before.
  • An account based marketing strategy helps strengthen existing client relationships and helps form robust new ones. It enables B2B marketers to focus on top accounts and work closely with sales to close deals.

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How can you formulate
your account based marketing strategy?

Are you considering an account based marketing strategy? KEO Marketing’s team will help you get started with an account based marketing strategy that will take your prospects through the sales pipeline.


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We have been very pleased with the work we had Sheila and KEO do for us. Their insight on the SEO and SEM industry has helped us greatly. We have also appreciated their detailed approach to our business.

Craig Mecure

CMO at MxSecure, Inc.