Be Strategic.

Defining your SEO roadmap & strategy is a critical first step on the path to achieving results.

Roadmap & Strategy

Developing your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, mapping out the tactics and creating an actionable plan is critical to the success of any search engine optimization campaign.

SEO roadmaps are smart tools to track what your team is currently working on and what you should be planning. More specifically, a roadmap is the basis content prioritization, technical SEO and back link building. The roadmap gives you an understanding of how certain pieces fit into the big picture. They also give you a better understanding of which endeavors you want to drive sooner than later.

We Keep You on Track with
Your SEO & Content Marketing Goals

As part of KEO Marketing’s SEO roadmap and strategy, you receive a customized report and action plan for achieving your long-term goals. You also gain insight into other objectives you may need to plan for, along with tactics we think your company should prioritize now.

When you partner with our team of professionals, you receive a personalized SEO roadmap and strategy that charts the plan of action we recommend you take each month. We develop this roadmap at the beginning of each SEO campaign and update and expand on it monthly as we review your company’s SEO performance.

With this method, you are always in the loop. You have the opportunity to review all content before it is pushed live. You also have visibility into the how the program works and the results as the campaign progresses.

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What Our Clients Say

We have been very pleased with the work we had Sheila and KEO do for us. Their insight on the SEO and SEM industry has helped us greatly. We have also appreciated their detailed approach to our business.

Craig Mecure

CMO at MxSecure, Inc.