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Account Based

In the past, salespeople would cold call companies, while B2B marketers would run campaigns designed to appeal to the masses. These were not the most effective strategies, and would often result in wasted money and energy.

Now, all that has changed thanks to Account Based Marketing.

What is
Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy that involves locating and targeting accounts, and then designing targeted marketing campaigns based upon those accounts’ specific wants and needs.

In a time when people are inundated with non-targeted marketing messages, account based marketing ensures that prospects receive personalized messages. With account based marketing, and because of the sequenced and coordinated messages that help the prospect along the buying cycle, these prospects are much more likely to become highly qualified leads.

According to a survey from the Altera Group, 65% of B2B marketers agreed that account based marketing provides numerous benefits for attracting new leads.

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The Steps Involved in
Account Based Marketing

The stages of account based marketing include:

  • Narrowing valuable accounts. These are the dream clients you want to close. During this step, you will do market research to determine which organizations will be likely to purchase your product.
  • Researching the accounts. You will need to figure out who the key players are in the organizations and how the organizations are structured.
  • Creating relevant content. Your content should address the individual decision maker’s needs and show them how they can solve certain issues with the help of your product.
  • Choosing the platforms. You know what kind of content your target audience wants to see, but you still need to determine, at this point, where to showcase that content.
  • Launching your campaigns. Now it is time to go live. Your marketing and sales teams will work together to ensure you are targeting the right people with the right content at the right time.
  • Measuring and learning from your results. This final step involves analyzing how your campaigns played out and deciding what you can improve the next time around.

Getting Started with
Account Based Marketing

Utilizing outbound, account based marketing can save you time and resources, and put you in a position to reach the key organizations you want as clients.

KEO Marketing’s team will create a customized account based marketing program that will enable you to target known companies, demonstrate your company’s value, and help them become customers.


What Our Clients Say

The communication and reporting ensures that we have all data related to our online presence at any given time. In addition, they are always identifying methods and strategies that result in our growth and help us achieve at the highest level. Sheila and the KEO Marketing team are responsive and timely. We couldn’t ask for a better relationship. We highly recommend KEO Marketing.

Jacque Weiner

HR/Project/Training Manager, American Auction Company

A highly recommended supplier. We received excellent, responsive service and results of campaigns were outstanding.

Simon Fried

President & Co-Founder