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Trends in Lead Generation for
Technology Companies

When it comes to lead generation for technology companies, the main objective is to create a continuous stream of highly-qualified individuals attracted to your brand’s products and services.

At KEO Marketing, we believe generating leads should not take place in a single channel. Rather, you must put your brand’s messaging in front of prospective clients across multiple channels and devices.

2017 Trends in Lead Generation for
B2B Technology Companies

Keeping up with the factors that drive B2B technology marketing success sets your brand up with the best possible chance to reach its goals.

Here are some lead generation trends we have observed so far in 2017:

  • Email remarketing. Email strategy marketing is an excellent way to market any new offers to prospects who have previously signed up for your e-newsletters, webinars, and more, however, have yet to convert to an official customer.
  • Cross-device retargeting. This approach is also known as lead generation campaigns that target previous visitors on tools, including Google AdWords and BingAds. Cross-device retargeting is increasingly becoming a standard method to reaching out to prospective customers throughout the buyer’s journey.
  • High-quality landing pages. Today’s B2B companies must realize that attracting interest from prospective clients is only one step toward effective lead generation. Instead, it takes a carefully planned, high-quality landing page with desired information to drive them toward the next step along their path.
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is one of the hottest innovations in marketing technology right now. It also is one of the most targeted and efficient forms of outbound marketing. Through Account Based Marketing, sales and marketing teams work together in an integrated approach to take targeted prospects through the sales funnel and help them become loyal customers. The overall concept is to target high-value buyers with personalized, relevant content that is highly customized to their needs, or resonates with their pain points.

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