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Marketing Strategies

Appealing to potential business-to-business (B2B) buyers is an extremely competitive proposition today. Many competitors pursue the same high-value, highly inundated prospects. It is important that you have a strategy to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

The most effective marketers leverage inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to drive meaningful interactions with prospects that engage and educate.

Key strategies for successful
outbound marketing

When B2B marketers design their outbound marketing strategies, they need to include the reasons why they are pursuing this type of campaign, as well as their business objectives.

For example, a B2B organization may want to boost sales by 50%, sign on ten big new clients in a month, increase brand awareness online, and measure results for future campaigns. Once marketers know their goals, they can then come up with tactics to accomplish them.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the most effective outbound marketing strategy today. In ABM, sales and marketing teams work together on campaigns designed to target specific accounts and prospects. ABM outbound marketing messages leverages email, LinkedIn outreach, sales calls and even direct mail, to increase rapport, educate, and strengthen relationships.

Why you need
outbound marketing

Companies with long sales cycles should use several integrated marketing strategies reach customers in the most personalized and timely ways possible. This multi-touch process helps prospects get answers to their questions and move through the buying cycle. B2B marketers should work with an agency, skilled in both inbound and outbound marketing, to create integrated, highly effective marketing campaigns.

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Partnering with the right marketing
agency for outbound marketing

Successful B2B companies must focus on cultivating relationships with customers to drive sales. Because managing an integrated program involves many moving parts that require specialists, marketers should partner with an outbound marketing agency that also offers strong inbound marketing programs. Working together, the marketing team and agency will deliver a meaningful prospect experience, higher account sales velocity, and the highest return on investment.

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