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Dispelling the Myth: Email Marketing is NOT Dead!

Many people think email marketing is dead and has been displaced by “modern” tactics such as text messaging, social media videos, and podcasts. However, they are “dead” wrong because email is still a dominant marketing channel for B2B Marketing. According to Forbes, email marketing delivers a $42 return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent–…

Fractional CMO Program Offers Leadership Through Experience

The marketing world has changed during the past decade, and this is particularly true for last year. A record number of companies moved their traditional advertising and event budgets online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and digital advertising costs increased significantly as a result. Business leaders want to take their companies to the next level…

A B2B Fractional CMO Helps You Scale Your Company Faster and More Cost-Effectively

Digital marketing is changing the way companies do business. The coronavirus pandemic caused a lot of companies to move their traditional advertising and events online. As a result, digital advertising costs have increased significantly. Many senior managers and in-house staff are unfamiliar with online marketing best practices and need help with strategic planning and implementation….

Fractional CMO Service Is the Perfect Marketing Hiring Solution for Companies on a Tight Budget

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and it is difficult for senior managers and in-house staff to be experts in all aspects of marketing. Growing companies need an experienced marketing team to keep up with day-to-day marketing needs, but may not have the resources to hire a senior-level head of marketing. KEO Marketing’s Fractional CMO program…

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