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Three Ways Data Informed Buyer Personas Can Help Inbound Marketing Campaigns

inbound marketing buyer personasUsing data informed buyer personas can create more successful inbound marketing campaigns.  Statistics show that 81 percent of buyers will pay a premium for industry experience and industry-specific solutions, but only 44 percent of B2B marketers use buyer personas. These profiles represent the ideal buyer and should be based on real client data. If you use incorrect or out of date information, your inbound marketing campaign can suffer. Here are three ways data informed personas can help inbound campaigns result in quality leads and ROI. 

They help to align your service offering

A successful inbound marketing campaign is one that results in a lead generated from your ideal buyer, or persona. Use the persona data to reveal the challenges your best-fit lead has, and how your product/service can solve them. Plan and position the content in your inbound campaign around addressing those challenges.

Has your product or service resolved challenges for previous clients? These are your product’s features and benefits. Build them into your messaging as a unique value proposition. The persona data can help you determine which service/products can best solve the challenges, and can form the backbone of your inbound campaign.

They ensure content resonates with your ideal audience

By using accurate data that pinpoints your persona’s interests, you can craft specific content that will resonate. Inbound marketing campaigns become more effective when you build content around your personas and then promote it in the channels you know they use. When developing content, Social Media Today recommends using the persona as part of the messaging.Consider these touch points:

  • Review your persona’s marketing triggers and pain. Where do they need help? What features of your solution can address those triggers?
  • Specify your content to the persona’s job role and position. Are they a decision maker or an influencer?
  • Create a content hub around one single pain point or challenge. This is a good way to build search engine rankings.
  • Keep your persona in mind for the entire buying journey. Incorporate the persona, hub topic/challenge in the content at every stage.
  • What social networks and industry news sites does your persona engage with or read? Use the data to identify the online environments they use and publish content there.
  • Don’t forget about your existing clients. Interview them regularly and identify any further challenges you may be able to resolve.

They keep campaigns up-to-date and relevant for better engagement

Personas are bound to change over time so adjusting the profile is not a one-time solution, but rather an ongoing task. Knowing the up-to-date challenges your persona faces will ensure your content remains on track and relevant with your target audience. Consider these additional tactics to make sure your campaign content still resonates:

  • Is your persona data still relevant? Interview your clients and take a look at the content trending on social tools. Adjust your content to reflect topics that are currently popular with your industry.
  • Back up all of your data with evidence through either traffic analytics or ‘shares’ on relevant topics. Step into the shoes of the buyer and figure out exactly what they are in searching for. Craft your messaging around that goal in order for the buyer to consider doing business with your company.

At every step of the inbound marketing campaign, a buyer persona can increase the effectiveness of your messaging. If you’ve gathered specific data about your ideal buyer, use it to ensure it resonates and keeps your inbound marketing campaign on track.

Buyer personas can help companies create effective messaging targeted at their intended audience. As a leading inbound marketing agency, KEO Marketing can help you harness the persona in order to create effective content and campaign results that work.

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