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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

corporate bloggingDoes your business have a blog? And if so, do you make it a priority to keep it current, with frequent updates and new, timely content? If not, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to boost your content marketing efforts and give people an interesting way to connect with your brand.

Your blog can provide several benefits. Chief among those for many marketers are the SEO advantages. This is especially true in light of some recent Google changes and updates that make high-quality content more important than ever. Google now rewards sites that have a wide variety of good content, especially content that demonstrates authority and expertise—and a blog is a big piece of that puzzle, so it should be an important priority in your content strategy. Ideally, you should share content that would be helpful or informative to your readers, as opposed to just blatant ads for your company. Including links to other resources and experts in the field is not only helpful to readers, it will also help boost your search rankings.

Blogs provide you with a great place to post more in-depth or detailed content that might be too long for a social media post. It also offers a home for content on a wide range of topics and formats that might not fit in elsewhere among your communication channels. This is a place where you can be entertaining, fun and friendly (within appropriate parameters, of course). Posts can include images, videos and other elements to make them more visually appealing and interactive.

A blog is also a great outlet for helping people feel like they have a more personal connection with your company and the people in it. When compared to some of your other forms of content, blogs are usually more informal and use a more conversational tone. This makes it a perfect choice for showing the personalities of your staff. You can run spotlights/interviews with employees whom customers may not get a chance to meet or interact with—say, by doing posts such as, “Meet Steve Smith, Who Runs Our Helpdesk.” This helps put a face on your organization, and it’s just human nature that people tend to feel a stronger and more positive connection with a business if they feel like they’ve gotten to know someone there. As a bonus, this also helps establish your team members’ expertise and authority on a particular subject.

By creating an editorial calendar and having a long-term strategy for your content, you can create posts in advance and publish them according to a schedule. This lets you run content according to when it would be most timely—and also allows you to better plan your time, since you can devote several hours in one stretch to writing a few posts you can keep in inventory and use when needed.

As you can probably tell, here at KEO Marketing we’re big believers in the power of a good blog—such as the one you are reading right now. But we realize not everyone is comfortable writing blog content, or may be intimidated by the prospect of creating and maintaining a blog. Fortunately, we can help, since this is one of our areas of expertise. We create and maintain blogs for many of our clients, and can help you get yours off the ground or bring it back to life.


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