Author: Emina Karic

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What Makes a Great Digital Marketing Agency

The relationship you have with a digital marketing agency is important.  You will be trusting them with your advertising and marketing dollars.  You need to be certain the money you spend will accomplish the goals you have. If you are considering a marketing agency in Phoenix, you want to work with the best.  So, what…

Inbound & Outbound Marketing Trends for 2019

When potential customers are researching potential solutions, are they finding your company? Inbound marketing makes sure you are showing up in search, social media, and mobile when people are looking for products or services. Outbound marketing is about reaching out and finding customers through targeted approaches such as email marketing and ABM (Account Based Marketing)….

Are You Aware of These Google Analytics Changes?

As Google integrates machine learning and AI into each of its products, they aim to deliver better data that informs your marketing across multiple channels. Google’s recent enhancements and updates to its analytics platform will give marketers deeper insight into their marketing campaigns. These enhancements will give you a better understanding of individual customers and…

How 3 Exponential Technologies Will Impact Your Marketing in 2018

Until the last few decades, the most advanced calculating mechanism in the world was the human brain. However, we have created technologies that could quite possibly make the human brain by itself obsolete. MIT Press defines the technological singularity as “the idea that…ordinary humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines or cognitively enhanced biological…

Blockchain, AI, and Advertising: What’s Coming

Blockchain finally hit the advertising industry in 2017 when companies like Microsoft and IBM bet big on the transformative technology. As this technology revitalizes new markets for established players like Walmart and Oracle, other advertisers are taking notice. In 2017, blockchain moved from the technology sphere to advertising as companies developed ways to verify and…

Top 5 Summer Social Media Trends

By the end of this year, experts predict that there will be more than 2.62 billion social media users worldwide. For businesses, this is a massive audience that can be easy to track and connect with. But to do so, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies to keep your social…

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