Marketer’s Guide: Top 7 Things You Should Know About SEO and Social – Post Hummingbird

Be in the Know.

Nearly every purchase begins with an online web search.
Make sure your company ranks at the top of the search engines.

There were many big changes in the world of SEO in 2013, including the arrival of Hummingbird (Google’s new search algorithm).

Marketers who don’t adjust their tactics to best fit this new formula risk seeing their rankings take a dive.

In this KEO Marketing Marketer’s Guide, entitled Top 7 Things You Should Know About SEO and Social—Post Hummingbird, you will learn:

  • How (and why) everything revolves around the user
  • Which types of content will be most helpful to your rankings
  • Ways to use keywords wisely
  • Why being an expert is so important—and how to establish yourself as one

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