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Online B2B Marketing and Lead Generation
Tactics Increase Sales

Learn how one B2B company used online marketing to generate a significant increase in leads

How can B2B companies implement a proven online B2B marketing solution on a limited budget and still receive outstanding results?

Through a targeted online B2B marketing campaign that generates more qualified visitors to their website, engages visitors, and capture their information more effectively.

The case study, “Online B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Tactics Increase Sales,” explains how one company, MES Hybrid Document Systems, achieved significant results that generated more traffic and increased their leads.

The Company

MES thought inbound marketing seemed like a natural method to increase their exposure to businesses likely to use their services, though it was something they had not looked at with any level of seriousness in the past. With limited resources and budget constraints, MES looked to outsource their needs to a marketing agency that understood B2B marketing and their overall business.

The Results

MES partnered with KEO Marketing, who developed and implemented a cost-effective marketing solution. Download “Online B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Tactics Increase Sales” to learn about the in-depth and strategic lead generation solutions that were used to deliver significant results.

About KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing has been helping some of the world’s largest brands for decades with marketing programs that drive business growth. Specializing in business to business (B2B) marketing strategy, creative, messaging, infrastructure, execution, marketing analytics and results, KEO Marketing helps Fortune 1000 companies as well as medium-sized businesses achieve and exceed their marketing and sales goals.