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Marketer's Guide:
Top 10 Changes in Google Analytics


Stay Aware of What’s Happening with Google Analytics

For marketers, it’s all about the metrics. This is the critical data that drives major marketing decisions—and then determines their success (or offers insight as to changes that should be made).

To obtain that data, the go-to source is usually Google Analytics. So it’s important that marketers stay informed about updates and changes to Analytics and the data it provides.

To help you stay aware of recent happenings in this area, KEO Marketing has created a Marketer’s Guide entitled “Top 10 Changes in Google Analytics.”

In this new guide, you will learn:

  • Why secure search was such a major blow to marketers, and how you can adjust
  • How better segmentation provides you with more specific data
  • Ways that new features can help with your remarketing efforts
  • How a new category can help you prevent one of the things most likely to annoy website visitors

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