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How content marketing is changing digital advertising

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2020

Download our latest guide, “The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2020.”

With the explosion of content marketing, nearly every company on the planet is creating content and publishing it, good or bad. As a result, they’ve been publishing white papers, e-books, and blog posts in order to get their customers’ attention. By now it is almost too much. Prospects are buried by all the content that is available and now they are ignoring most of it.

In order to rise above the vast amount of content that has already been published, you need to utilize new content marketing tactics that will help you stand out from everyone else.

To help you with that, KEO Marketing has published the Advanced Guide to Content Marketing for 2020.  We have seen hundreds of content marketing guides out there and they all talk about the same things: editorial calendars, buyer personas, buying cycles, etc. This guide is a complete departure from that.  We’ll show you new and unusual content marketing tactics that you can use to grab your customers’ attention and get them interested in your products right now.

In this content marketing guide, you will learn how to effectively use content that is:

  • Interactive: papers, e-books and infographics that compel the prospects to get involved.
  • Behavior-based: content that changes depending on the prospects’ actions.
  • Industry-focused: content that addresses a single industry, rather than a single persona.
  • Disruptive: content that changes the prospects’ thinking patterns and paradigms.
  • Mobile: content that fits within the small screen and distracting environment of a smart phone.

Are you ready to receive even more qualified prospects? Then don’t waste another minute copying the content marketing tactics of your competitors. Download this new complimentary Advanced Content Marketing Guide from KEO Marketing now.

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