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Marketer's Guide: 10 Trends Successful B2B Marketers
Can’t Ignore in 2020


10 Trends Successful B2B Marketers Can’t Ignore in 2020

Business-to-business marketers who are contemplating ways that they might improve upon their current strategy are likely looking ahead to positive changes they would like to implement in the New Year.

It is smart to be constantly measuring and evaluating your current results, with an eye towards identifying areas for improvement. At the same time, marketers must always pay attention to the latest trends and developments in the industry. This ensures they can seize any new opportunities quickly, without overlooking tactics that could prove effective in better converting leads and engaging with customers.

To help with this effort, KEO Marketing just released a new marketer’s guide entitled, “10 Trends B2B Marketers Can’t Ignore in 2020.”

In this new guide, you will learn:

  • What the most successful marketers are doing as they head into 2020
  • Ways in which personalization and targeting can really pay off
  • How to take advantage of the wealth of customer data at your disposal
  • Why you should be making video a top priority
  • How the explosion of mobile will impact your plans

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