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For Best Success Involve Your Influencers in Content Creation

influencer marketingInfluencer marketing is a valuable tool and also one of the best methods of promoting your brand. Relationships with influential people in the industry provide a third-party endorsement of your products and services as well as reach into their list of followers and subscribers. Even though many companies develop relationships with influencers, a technique that is rarely used is that of creating content with the influencer’s help. When the influencer is involved in creating content they have a vested interest and will therefore promote it more heavily, thus giving your brand more exposure than if they just quickly mention it in their blog. With that thought in mind, here are some ideas on how to get your influencers creating content with you.

Reference one of their articles in a blog post.

When creating content, read their articles looking for relevant material. Then link to their article in your content and tell them that you linked to them. (But don’t plagiarize, of course). This is a win-win situation for both of you because you will benefit from having them mention that you wrote an article and referenced them and also they benefit from the exposure they get from you promoting their articles.

You can also reference their content in a case study or refer to something positive they have been involved in. Once the work of coming up with content that covers their work through examples or links is complete, the easy part is to let them know so that they can share it. Sending an email to notify them is a basic move. After letting them know, you can announce the content piece on all of your regular outlets and state that you referred to the influencer’s work.

Ask for a quote for an article you are writing.

Most people have opinions about things that are happening in their marketplace. When you are writing articles about the market, ask the influencer for a quote. This is more powerful than just referencing the influencer; it is an actual statement from them. Readers will take much more heed of this. This tactic is especially good for content such as “opinions from the experts” articles in which you interview several influencers. When that is done you have several sources of promotion because the people you quoted will tell their followers about the article, which builds your visibility.

Interview them.

An interview is the best avenue for content creation with influencers. An interview with the influencer is like a third-party endorsement for your brand. In addition, an interview will draw a lot of people in the target market to your site. The more well-known and respected the influencer is, the more people would like to know more about them. Plus, the influencer has a very large vested interest in the interview being a success, so they will promote it heavily on their site.

In addition, the interview can be put into multiple forms such as audio, video and written materials. This will extend the reach of the interview and will allow you to distribute it to a wide variety of people. Making all versions of the interview available to the influencer will extend the reach as well.

So take advantage of these tactics and develop a content-creation strategy with your influencers. This will help both of you as you will get desirable content and the influencer will be getting more exposure. It is a winning situation for both of you.

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Christian Lowery

Christian has over 5 years of experience in social media content creation, curation and management. He is passionate about thoughtful, creative branding and storytelling, and enjoys helping companies develop a strategic social media strategy. In addition to social media management, he is an experienced photographer and copywriter for many B2B and B2C brands. His understanding of consumer outreach and engagement, along with his eye for design, helps our clients target new customers, re-position themselves in the marketplace, or strengthen their existing audience.