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Eight Ways to Get More Out of Your Press Release

press releasesPress releases are an important part of a business’s communication process. Besides your clients seeing the release, you want the media to read it and follow up with you. If you invest in creating a great press release, you want to get the most of it. Here are eight tips for creating an online press release that will get media attention.

Your press release will get a 1 second visual scan

When reporters are looking over an online press release site for potential stories, they quickly scan it. They do not read every press release word-for-word. Unless your story really stands out, your release will get two seconds of skim time and then be tossed into the trash. Therefore, be strategic in making your title, subtitle and first sentence stand out from the all the others.

Craft the headline for maximum impact

Craft the headline carefully. It should catch the reporters’ eyes with something unusual or something they have not heard before. For example: “Steel-Frame Home Withstands Category 7 Hurricane” will get a lot more attention than “XYZ Steel Company Builds Steel-Frame Buildings”.

Make the first paragraph the most important

As noted above, reporters do not read the entire release. If the headline catches their attention they will read the first paragraph. Capture the most important point that you want to make in the first paragraph. Keep the first paragraph short. Long copy is rarely read completely.

 Use a bulleted list for important points

Reader’s eyes are drawn to bullet-pointed lists. Put the key ideas into a list with bullet points to ensure that they are read by the media.

Use photos for online thumbnails

Add eye-catching photos or images as a thumbnail for your press release. Do not use your logo. Photographs make the company or organization that is posting the online press release real. They make the release stand out. Your logo may not.

Embed a video in the release

Embedding a video into the press release page is far more engaging than giving them a link that they must click. Many online services offer embedded videos, but each press release distribution service has its own coding stipulations for embed codes. Ask what they require and then supply the code in the format they wish.

Include keywords throughout the release

Include keywords in all elements of your press release in order to give it maximum visibility. Use keywords in the headline, the sub-headings, the name of each image you include and the title of any video you might add.

Add a specific call to action

Always include a call to action. Decide what you want your audience to do and then tell them to do it. Be clear and direct about it

If you are looking for ways to get more out of each press release you send, try these methods. You will find that they can make a difference in the press coverage and company visibility that you will get.


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