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Modern Website Design: Design With The End in Mind

Modern Website DesignAre you planning a website redesign?  Before you invest time looking at all the new web design trends, think of this: Today’s modern website design is all about results. It is about compelling your web visitor to stay on your site and take the actions you need to drive your business.

So how do you get them to stay?  First, we will look at why they do not stay. A study by found out that poorly designed websites have a 70% to 90% bounce rate. For example, they found out that auto-play music and auto-streaming video drove up the bounce rate.  So did slow page loading times.  As we have discussed in previous blog posts, visitors have a short attention span. If your web pages take a long time to load (greater than two seconds), visitors will leave. This includes mobile devices on cellular connections.

Here are some suggestions to get people to stay on your site.

  • Use a simple design style.
    Pioneered by Pinterest, one of the most popular modern website designs is the “card” design style. This style presents navigation information in the form of rectangular pictures along with one sentence that describes the next step. It is easy for the visitor to navigate, so they do it.
  • Design it to achieve an objective.
    What do you want the visitor to do when they are on your site? Download a case study? Set up a product demonstration with one of your salespeople?  The best websites are created to lead the visitor to accomplish that objective.
  • Include your brand story.
    Today’s website visitors want authenticity; they want to know that real people who care about them work at the company. Therefore, add in information about your team and how your company gives back to the community.

By including these simple design elements, you can keep your web visitors on your site longer which can lead to increased conversions.

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