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PR Marketing: Quality not Quantity

PR marketingPR marketing, the art of placing media stories about your company and your brand, is not a “spray and pray” game where a press release is blasted out to thousands of journalists and you hope you get a story. Quality public relations is one of the best methods to build your company reputation and establish thought leadership and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Here are two easy techniques to get quality coverage:

  1. Have a small list of specifically targeted writers and work with them regularly. There is a limited quantity of periodicals, blogs and industry websites that are interested in your stories. Find them, focus on them and connect with them regularly. You want to build relationships with these people to the point where they will start contacting you whenever they need a story. The best way to do this is to focus on just a few people.
  1. Send story suggestions that are tailored to the particular writer’s style. Read several stories in the targeted blogs, websites and periodicals and then send story suggestions based on that style. For example, if a particular blogger writes about cutting-edge technology, send stories about your new technology. Don’t send stories about your personnel. Every writer has a focus and a style. You’ll get a lot more stories written about you when you learn it and play to it.

Your brand reputation is too important to be treated with unstructured PR marketing. Take the time to build relationships with good writers and watch your media coverage climb.

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