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Good Content Marketing Requires Time

content marketing challengesCreating valuable content is tough. In addition to well-honed creative chops, you’ve got to possess a solid understanding of the business problems that plague your audience. After that, there’s another major factor involved: time. And many marketers report time constraints as the greatest challenge they face when it comes to creating effective content.

In one recent survey, 632 marketers ranked time constraints as their single biggest content creation hurdle (11%). Time limitations trumped other common challenges, such as ineffective strategy, insufficient budget, and a lack of internal support, that also affected respondents.

Time, it seems, is an elusive resource. As marketers increasingly juggle different responsibilities, finding time for content creation can be extremely difficult. But is time really the biggest stumbling block to creating effective content, or is there more to the story?

Consequences of time constraints

If you don’t have time to ensure that your content embodies your brand attributes and helps your audience address business issues, the quality of that content suffers. And when quality suffers, it can be hard to meet your goals for brand engagement and lead generation.

Ultimately, the success of your content marketing hinges on your ability to:

  • Create content that addresses the needs and priorities of your audience and aligns with your strategic goals
  • Empower potential buyers by providing actionable solutions to their problems
  • Package different kinds of content for every stage of the buyer’s journey

Whether it comes in the form of a white paper, video, or even just a blog post, creating content that achieves these objectives always requires a substantial time investment. Marketers who don’t have time to create valuable content will create sub-par content instead. That’s the consequence of time constraints: ineffective content that doesn’t do the job that it needs it to do.

However, in the same survey where marketers bemoaned the crippling effect of time constraints, nearly a third (30%) reported that they aren’t using analytics software to track their content marketing results. This raises another question: If respondents aren’t measuring the impact of their content, how can they really know where their biggest problems lie? How can they be sure that time constraints are their greatest adversary?

Time matters, but so does strategy

There’s no doubt that a lack of time can negatively impact a brand’s content marketing results. At the same time, there’s also no way to identify your biggest content creation challenges in the absence of data.

That’s why all brands, regardless of the amount of time they have to create content, must follow a comprehensive, measurable content marketing strategy. “Measurable” is key because content marketing data can help you:

  • Track conversions from specific pages
  • Gauge the success of premium content incentives, like white papers or executive reports
  • Identify content types that increase traffic or help you capture leads
  • Discover which social media channels offer the best opportunities for audience engagement

With valuable content marketing data in hand, inbound marketers can modify their approach to make the best possible use of the time they have available. That’s why as a leading SEO agency, KEO Marketing monitors analytics for every campaign we execute. Data shows us what’s working, what isn’t working, and where to direct our energies going forward.

And if time constraints really are your biggest hurdle to content marketing success, our creative team can help you there, too.

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