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Video Marketing Adds a New Dimension to Your Story

The staggering growth of online video offers exciting opportunities for brands. Due in large part to the widespread adoption of mobile devices with affordable data plans, people now spend more time watching online videos than they spend interacting on social media. And that’s a compelling statistic.

Online video’s popularity notwithstanding, there are other reasons to start using the medium to connect with your audience. Unlike other tactics, video marketing can help you add a new dimension to your story, combining many of the benefits of case studies, educational content, and targeted messaging.

Consider this video we produced for Mytek, an IT consulting firm, for an Internet downtime minimization solution called ALWAYS UP:

If you watched the video – and if you haven’t yet, go back and take a look! – it only took you about two minutes to finish. In that extremely short period of time, you got:

  • Case study content: The video reveals how ALWAYS UP solved a serious business problem for a busy retailer. All of the elements of an effective case study are present: the problem, the solution, and direct testimony from customers who benefited.
  • Educational content: With the help of video footage, a spokesperson for the client explains how ALWAYS UP hardware and software works.
  • Social proof: Not only did the video verify that businesses really do benefit from Mytek’s solution – it also shows that a well-known, serious retailer relies on ALWAYS UP to ensure customer satisfaction.

It usually takes longer than two minutes to read a case study, absorb the steps in a how-to guide, or verify that a service provider has experience with serious brands. Video, on the other hand, made it easier to go through all of those pre-purchase motions.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s another way video can add depth to your story and help you connect with new leads: targeting. Thanks to new delivery platforms like Facebook’s video tools for businesses and publishers, it’s possible to target specific audiences with content that fits their interests. You can even make your videos private so that only people with a specific URL can access them.

What does this mean for brands? If your audience is active on Facebook or uses your page to engage with you, it’s possible to produce custom video content for different segments of that audience. You can grant access to the videos to specific lists of newsletter subscribers, followers, or even to existing clients. You’ll be able to deliver a message that’s custom-tailored to the needs of specific groups. As a result, you can extend your reach and capture more leads.

While video can certainly help you tell your story in a new and compelling way, producing those videos and getting them in front of your audience requires effort. As a leading digital marketing agency,  KEO Marketing helps B2B companies create video content that establishes industry thought leadership shows people how to solve business problems.


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