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Google Announces Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Announces Accelerated Mobile PagesWith mobile now accounting for more U.S. search traffic than desktop, it is no surprise that Google is making it a priority to embrace mobile-friendly systems and tools. To that end, the search company just announced the launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project. This project is designed to improve the mobile experience by allowing pages to load more quickly on mobile devices. That includes pages with content such as video and graphics, which can be notoriously fatal for page load speeds.

The goal of this new endeavor is to make these pages look better and load more quickly. The system uses AMP HTML, a new open framework. It is basically a special form of HTML that allows a limited set of technical functionality, thus resulting in more simple pages from a code-related standpoint.

The technical specifics will likely mainly be of interest to developers and those in IT roles. The big takeaway for marketers and publishers is that this project aims to greatly improve the mobile experience for users, while also increasing the odds that a visitor will remain on a page long enough to interact or take action.

It’s no secret that many businesses have struggled to optimize their web pages for mobile, and pages that are slow to load can be very frustrating to those on mobile devices. One of the biggest complaints among mobile users are that sites either take too long to load or don’t look/function as they should on mobile devices.

This new framework is open-source, meaning it will be available to anyone who wants to use it. The initial offering is available now on GitHub, and more functions and features will gradually be added over the next few weeks.

Google says it should not involve much, if any, additional work for businesses and content creators to use AMP. Content management systems will need to integrate AMP support. WordPress has already announced its intention to do so, and it’s likely that other content management systems will soon follow.

This may be great news for businesses that have found it challenging to make their pages mobile-friendly, especially if their content tends to rely heavily on videos, graphics or animations. Equally important, this initiative is also intended to improve online advertising, making the process easier for advertisers and more enjoyable for viewers. An objective of AMP is to provide support for a wide range of online advertising formats and networks. Google says it is also focused on ensuring that these page-loading speed targets are achieved even on sites that involve paywalls or subscription elements.

This is just one of many tools and tactics available to improve the mobile experience and help B2B marketing agencies step up their mobile strategy. Most marketers realize that mobile optimization involves a number of challenges and considerations. KEO Marketing can manage all aspects of your mobile marketing strategy and ensure you provide the best possible user experience for people on mobile devices.


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