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Choose the Right Asset for Lead Generation

Choose the Right Asset for Lead Generation Lead generation is one of the most important priorities for most business-to-business marketers. A common lead generation strategy is to offer some type of free offer or asset as an incentive to lure people in and motivate them to provide their email address and other information.

While we can see the value of a variety of “teaser” tactics to attract potential prospects’ interest and prompt them to take action, we particularly recommend using an asset in the form of a piece of valuable content.

Marketers are increasingly realizing the many benefits of a robust, comprehensive content marketing strategy, so they should already have or be in the process of building an inventory of high-quality content. This gives them a big headstart, as they will already have a selection of content assets from which to choose. If you don’t already have sufficient content options, it would be worthwhile to invest the time and resources to develop some with a particular eye toward the goal of lead generation.

White papers and special reports are popular forms of lead generation content, but even something as simple as a creative and informative infographic can also work. The key, as with almost all content marketing, is to provide relevant and helpful information without a blatant sales pitch.

How best to choose the right asset to offer as your teaser item? Consider your top lead generation goals. Content that has a broader general interest will appeal to a much larger audience, and thus will likely result in a higher quantity of leads. However, if there is a specific niche group that you especially want to target, consider putting together content items that is tailored to those individual targets.

For example, if you provide email management services, you could start off with a basic white paper on the new rules of email etiquette. This is likely to appeal to a large audience. From there, you could drill down into more precise topics like email concerns for educational organizations.

Of course, you could always test out a two-step teaser process, starting with the content asset and then offering a free trial or other offer to those who download the content or take further action after reading it.

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