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Gmail Sponsored Promotions Offer Great Benefits

Gmail Sponsored Promotions Offer Great Benefits A new Google-related ad platform combines the advantages of display advertising with the accessibility of email, along with some impressive and unique targeting capabilities thrown in as a bonus.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (known as GSPs) have been around in beta format for a while now, but have only become available on a widespread basis fairly recently.

They are under the umbrella of the Google Display Network, but are transmitted via Gmail and appear like a typical email under the recipient’s Promotions tab. The message itself consists of two parts: a teaser and an expanded ad. The teaser includes a headline of 25 characters or less, and a short body of descriptive text. You can also include a small image such as a logo, which really helps the message stand out.

Advertisers are charged on a per-click basis, for each user who clicks on the teaser ad. If the recipient clicks on the teaser, they then see the expanded ad section. Because it is in HTML format, this section allows for very robust options as far as creative elements and calls to action. You can include embedded videos, call-to-action phone numbers, email signup forms and much more.

One of the most appealing things about GSPs is the attractive targeting options. To start with, there are the fairly standard demographic options, such as age, gender and geographic location. Beyond that, you can focus on user attributes such as jobs and interests, both of which can be particularly helpful for business-to-business marketers.

The real ground-breaking aspect here, though, is the ability to basically get an inside look at both your recipients’ email and your competitor’s mailing lists. While you cannot actually read Gmail users’ private email of course, you can still take advantage of the data that Google tracks about Gmail users’ email content. By targeting via keywords or purchases, your recipients will be identified based on recent actions or communications.

We think the part that will really catch your interest is the “domains” targeting category. This allows you to target people who have received emails from specific domains. Obviously, focusing on those who have gotten promotional emails from competitors could prove to be a smart and valuable strategy. This essentially gives you a way to “borrow” your competitors’ email list. In addition to competitors, you could also identify domains of companies that provide products or services that complement or relate to yours.

This targeting aspect is where you are likely to see the biggest payoff, so you will probably want to plan to focus your most generous budget and aggressive bidding strategies for campaigns with this as a main targeting element.

As with any new type of advertising platform or campaign, testing and tweaking are important. Try a few variations of teaser formats and expanded ad configurations to see which performs best. GSPs offer detailed, granular reporting so you should spend some time studying the analytics to see what insights you can glean that can help you optimize your campaigns. The Campaign Health Section of your reporting dashboard can be especially interesting, as it can show when you have been outbid by a competitor or where you may need to boost your budget limitations.

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