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Use Google Trends to Guide Your Content and Campaigns

Use Google Trends to Guide Your Content and Campaigns Many businesses have been stepping up their efforts to create high-quality content, due in part to the value that this content can offer for both search engine optimization and brand awareness. A big part of content marketing is choosing the right topics. Obviously, you want to pick subjects that will be of interest to your customers and target audience. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time writing content that nobody will ever read.

Along the same lines, choosing the right keywords is critical for a successful online advertising campaign. This is also important for optimizing your website content so as to see the best search placement.

If you are like many business-to-business (B2B) marketers, you probably assume you know what your audience is looking for. But do you really? By doing a little bit of research to confirm what your prospects and customers want to know, you can better target your content and avoid wasting a lot of time and effort.

The good news is, there’s a handy and easy to use tool that can give you valuable insight about the keywords that offer the best potential payoff for your content and campaigns. Best of all, this tool is free. We’re talking about Google Trends. Even if you have already been using Google Trends, you may not have been taking advantage of all of its capabilities.

The first place you will likely want to start is by checking to see how specific keywords or phrases have performed over a certain time period. Look for trends, as this will help you spot areas where there is growing or waning interest. Jumping on an emerging trend that’s just starting to blow up can help you get a headstart on competitors, while creating content based on keywords that are losing steam may not be an efficient use of your time. Comparing results for several different keywords you are considering may help you identify a clear winner.

If you take some time to explore the Google Trends interface, you may discover new features you have overlooked in the past. One helpful feature for marketers who are planning regional campaigns is the ability to track keywords according to specific geographic locations. This allows you to see how certain brands or keywords perform in particular regions, cities or other areas. If you find that you are already the clear frontrunner in a particular region, it may be a smarter move to invest in ad campaigns in other areas where you need to establish stronger brand awareness.

Don’t forget to check the results for different channels, such as Google Shopping or YouTube. Depending on the type of content or campaign you are planning, this could provide important insight relevant to that particular channel.

KEO Marketing has expertise in gathering and interpreting the data that can be vital in developing the perfect content marketing or online advertising strategy for your business.


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