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Mobile Enforcement Notices from Google

Mobile Enforcement Notices from Google If your sites are not already mobile-friendly, you may now have strong motivation to rectify that problem immediately. That’s because you could soon (if you haven’t already) be getting a notice from Google pointing out that your site hasn’t been optimized for mobile. The notice will also include warning that if your site remains unfriendly to mobile devices, you can expect to see a negative impact on your search rankings.

In other words: get mobile-friendly right away, or suffer painful and costly consequences.

Google has reportedly started sending out mass mailings of these warning notices, which are being delivered via email or through Google Webmaster tools. The notices also include tips on how to identify and fix problem pages on your site.

Marketers who have been paying attention should have already noticed Google’s rapidly building, and not so subtle, emphasis on mobile optimization. The search engine recently started designating mobile-friendly sites in search results, and also began offering a mobile testing tool to help businesses determine whether their sites pass muster.

These moves seem to add credence to the rumors that Google is planning a major algorithm update with a heavy emphasis on mobile. With that prospect on the horizon, marketers would be wise to move quickly so they can reap the rewards of making their site mobile-friendly.

Penalties and warning notices aside, the most important reason to make your sites mobile-friendly is simple: that’s how many (perhaps even most) of your visitors are accessing your site, and if the experience is frustrating or disappointing, they will quickly go somewhere else. This is truly a matter of keeping up or getting left behind.

Readers of this blog likely already know that we have strongly recommended responsive design as the best way to ensure your site can be viewed and used properly on any type of device. KEO Marketing specializes in responsive design and all aspects of mobile marketing.


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