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Search Analytics: Google Unveils Tag Manager Upgrades

Google Unveils Tag Manager UpgradesWebsite tags are one of those things marketing teams love to hate. These tags can be annoying and confusing, and are essentially the type of things that marketers would love to ignore altogether and never give any thought. Unfortunately, that may not be possible. Tags play an important role in search engine optimization, so marketers and/or the IT team (most likely, both teams together) can’t afford to ignore them or just choose them haphazardly.

One tool that can help this process is Tag Manager from Google. Especially popular with large organizations, Tag Manager lets marketers easily manage their website tags on their own, without extensive technical knowhow. This saves a lot of time, since marketing no longer needs to bug the tech team for several single tag-related task.

Tag Manager quickly became a go-to SEO tool for many marketers, and the improvements announced this week will likely get a warm reception.

  • A new full-featured API that, Google says, “lets you customize the infrastructure to suit your needs, whether that means building your own tools or better integrations with your existing workflow. From creating and managing users to previewing and publishing containers and tags, the API provides all the power of the web interface.”
  • The more intuitive interface makes things even easier (and perhaps foolproof) for non-technical types. Users familiar with Google Analytics and AdWords will feel especially comfortable, as tasks here are structured in a way that looks and feels very similar to those tools.
  • More third-party templates make the tagging process easier and faster, and leave less room for mistakes. Google has added tag templates from AdRoll, Marin, Comscore, Bizo, Clicktale, Neustar, Distillery, Turn, Mediaplex, VisualDNA and other vendors.

For marketers who still have a love-hate relationship with website tags, these Tag Manager additions may help make things a bit less stressful.

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