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Mobile Marketing: Apps Conquer Digital Realm

mobile app consumptionFor U.S. users, the majority of digital consumption now happens in the form of mobile apps. That’s one of the main takeaways from the U.S. Mobile App Report, a study recently released by comScore. The report showed that mobile apps currently account for 52% of our time involving digital media. That’s more time than is spent on desktop computer usage or mobile web surfing.

It’s probably not very surprising to learn that the most popular mobile app is Facebook, but apps in general seem to be ruling the digital world right now. For mobile users, apps occupy about 7 out of every 8 minutes of media consumption.

What does this mean for marketers? Well, it has already become very apparent that marketers need to consider mobile users when designing websites and planning online content. This is why responsive design has quickly become the go-to option for website design.

The latest data about digital media consumption takes things one step further, highlighting the value of incorporating apps (or at least mobile-friendly tools) into your marketing strategy. Just as with a mobile version of a website, though, the solution isn’t as simple as just making a thinly veiled copy of your desktop offerings.

The best apps are generally very tightly focused, with a few (or perhaps even just one) specific purposes or actions. Functionality should be simple and stripped-down, focusing on a few critical tasks.

Of course, creating an app is just the first half of the equation. It’s not much help to have a great app if nobody knows about it. You need a marketing strategy to promote your app and demonstrate the value to users. Social media and email are great tools to help spread the word about your new app. Once your app is up and running, you also need to ensure you have the technical resources to keep it going smoothly and quickly troubleshoot any issues. The whole process definitely requires some time and effort, but the potential payoff is well worth it.

This is just yet another example of the importance of embracing mobile and developing an effective mobile marketing strategy, which is one of our specialties here at KEO Marketing where we had developed more programs in the past few years. Check this amazing guide on what you need to know about longbows and much more by following the link.


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