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Google Testing Domain Registration Service

Google Testing Domain Registration ServicesAs if Google isn’t already all-powerful enough, the tech giant is in the process of developing a service that could play a big role in your website way before you ever create it.

The company just announced that it is testing out a new domain registration service called (what else?) Google Domains. As with most other domain registrars, Google Domains will let you search for available domain names and then register your choice once you’ve decided on the one you want. You can also sell or transfer domains.

You’ll be able to get the most common domain extensions like .com and .net. But if you want to get more creative (or industry-specific), you will also be able to choose from many of the newer domain varieties that seem to be popping up on a daily basis. That means you can be the proud owner of a site that ends in .photography or .salon or even .limo if you wish.

The program is in a beta phase right now, and is by invitation only (although there’s a spot on the Google Domains website where you can request an invitation).

In keeping with Google’s perennial strategy of incorporating many different services into one giant process that all work together, the company’s domain registration branch will also offer additional services, such as website creation and hosting, for an additional fee, of course. Google is partnering with well-known site-building services such as Squarespace, Weebly and Shopify to provide some of these extra services. However, the initial basic registration fee will include a couple of nice free perks, such as private registration and easy domain forwarding. And this being Google, it likely goes without saying that SEO features will be promoted heavily.

Since it’s not yet available for the general public to try out, it’s hard to say what (if any) differences users will notice as opposed to the experience with any other registrar. But since the cost of basic registration is expected to be comparable to that at other companies, we think it certainly couldn’t hurt to go with an established, proven name like Google.

Once you’ve registered your domain, you actually need to create your website and make sure people know about it. We can help with both tasks, as KEO Marketing handles all aspects of Web design, content development and search engine optimization.


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