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B2B Marketers Can Now Publish Content on LinkedIn

Marketers now have another potentially valuable channel to add to their content marketing strategy. LinkedIn recently announced it is offering the chance to share content on its publishing platform to all of its users. In the past, the ability to publish content was limited to a select group of recognizable names, known as influencers. These influencers included VIPs like Jack Welch and Bill Gates. Now the publishing capability will be available to all users, either at this current time or at some point in the near future. Access to this feature is being rolled out on a gradual basis. Right now, it is available to a select, limited group of users, but LinkedIn said it will be offered on a wider basis over the next few weeks and months.

This publishing platform means that users will now be able to share their content with a very large potential audience and can establish their role as an expert in a particular area while creating a following.

“When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, their original content becomes part of their professional profile, is shared with their trusted network and has the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled,” the recent LinkedIn announcement said. “Now members have the ability to follow other members that are not in their network and build their own group of followers. Members can continue to share their expertise by posting photos, images, videos and their original presentations on SlideShare.”

For B2B marketers, this is an interesting opportunity that also comes with a few important considerations. Obviously, it’s great to be able to share your content with a large potential audience, especially when it is coupled with the networking and connecting aspect that is the foundation of LinkedIn. In addition, you will also have access to some valuable analytics from LinkedIn about the people who are following you and reading your content.

Of course, the fact that you have access to this feature means a whole lot of other businesses do, as well. That means this space will quickly become very crowded, as many people and brands compete to get their content out there.

Another consideration: posts are credited to an individual user, which means you may need to select one person (or perhaps a handful) to be the face and voice of your brand, and to serve as your content messenger. Also, since the content you create through this platform will remain on LinkedIn, you won’t have the ability to change and update it like you would be able to do with content that is hosted on your own site.

Since LinkedIn only recently began opening the floodgates to this publishing platform, it’s still too early to tell how this will work out for marketers. Those who are among the first groups to be granted access will probably want to quickly start sharing their best possible content before the platform gets flooded. However, they will want to be strategic and select the content (and those who share it) carefully so as to avoid potential pitfalls and backlash that could negate the benefits of using this platform.

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