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Specific Analytics to Help You Spot Critical Data

marketing strategyTo many marketers, it can seem like keeping track of analytics—and all of the changes regarding which analytics are available to you—can almost be a full-time job just in itself. The prospect of the time and energy involved with constantly staying on top of everything analytics-related can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there is a way to make the process more manageable.

In the article, 5 Analytics Focal Points for Proactive SEO Tacticians, Josh McCoy at Search Engine Watch talked about the importance of keeping an eye on five main areas of analytics. One thing to remember: it’s important to dig into the data—think granular and segmented—as opposed to glancing quickly at the top-level surface information.

So here are a few areas you should zero in on:

Traffic by Source/Medium

One very helpful conclusion you can make by studying data from all of your traffic sources is what (if any) impact any Google-related penalties or processes may have on your traffic. If your traffic has made a sudden change only in the Google area, then you could possibly have been hit with some sort of penalty. However, if the trend carries over to all sources, there are likely other factors at play.

Organic Traffic by Landing Page: Filtering by Absolute Change

Using this sorting method will help you pinpoint the landing pages that have seen the biggest decline in organic traffic.

Organic Traffic by Landing Page: By Bounce Rate and Goal Conversion/Transaction Filtering

Taking that idea one step further, this category will help you see which landing pages have the lowest conversion rates.

Page by Page Title: Filtered for Error Page Title Element

This only matters if you have a custom 404 page. “Look at the title element of your 404 pages and then move into Pages and Pages by Title,” McCoy says. “Use a secondary dimension of landing pages and then take note at how much traffic is entering the site and landing on a 404 page. This is a terrible first impression.”

Site Speed Overview

When analyzing your site speed, it’s important to drill down to at least the landing page level. “Your homepage may load quickly but internal pages could be a different story. It doesn’t take long with very slow page load times to see Google crawled pages per day rate and your Organic rankings to fall.”

Tip: customizing your analytics settings will help you go to what you want to see immediately, without having to jump through a bunch of hoops each time.

Need help figuring out what your analytics mean—and what changes you may need to make to your marketing strategy as a result? KEO Marketing provides an array of analytics services that can lead to some valuable revelations to help you make smart changes.


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