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Best Practices In Modern SEO Page Naming

When search engine optimization professionals are optimizing their web pages, they concentrate on the titles and descriptions of their pages to help rank higher in results and attract more visitors. They often forget to optimize another key component of the web page that also affects ranking, the URL.

URLs help describe the page just as title tags do to search engines. Making sure these are up to date and relevant will ensure that your site is being searched effectively. Over the years it has been standard to keep URLs as short as possible but still remaining descriptive and indicating the different levels. In a report done by Website Magazine, this might be changing.

They describe the trends of URLs today and the page naming conventions of three different types of searches, Informational, Navigational and Transactional.

Informational Searches are those where the person searching is looking for factual information. When it comes to these types of URLs it is important to use as many keywords as possible and also use long-tail search queries in the URL to make sure it comes up in the results.

Navigational searches are those where the person searching is looking for something specific, like a brand or place. That specific brand should have their name in the URL whenever possible and the most popular keywords for that brand should also be used repeatedly. It’s helpful to  keep these URLs easy to remember so keep them fairly short.

Transactional searches are those where the person searching is looking to shop or prices on a certain product. It is important to organize the URL with different levels and folders utilizing keywords but also keeping it short. Chances are there are more than one product being sold, so the organization of the URL and keywords is important.


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