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65% of Consumers Start eCommerce Shopping Here, Finish There

mobile-ecommerceHow many times do you use multiple devices, whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone when engaging in a single eCommerce activity?

If you’re like the average plugged-in and digitally savvy shopper, chances are you do your eCommerce shopping on more than one device, maybe without even knowing it. This month, Google published, “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior,” a study showing than 65%, or 2 in 3 respondents use multiple devices sequentially to shop online, with the path to purchase beginning on a smartphone for 65% of those respondents.

Of those beginning the eCommerce shopping process on a smartphone, 61% continued on a PC or laptop, and 4% continued on a tablet. Of the 25% who began their purchase journey on a PC or laptop, 19% continued on a smartphone and 5% on a tablet. And of the 11% who began shopping on a tablet, 10% moved onto a PC or laptop.

The key takeaway? If you are selling widgets online, you must enable customers to save their shopping spree between devices via saved shopping carts and a “signed-in” experience. You also must cater to the spontaneous, virtual window shopper.

When the respondents were asked if their eCommerce shopping activities were planned on spontaneous, 81% of respondents said their smartphone shopping was out of the blue, but only 58% stated their PC and laptop shopping was unplanned. The majority of the shopping is taking place in-home, with 59% of shoppers purchasing while still within the humble abode and 84% of PC and laptop users still tethered to their home wall outlets.

So, what are these mobile, impulse buyers purchasing? Clothing, food (take-out), beauty/make-up, pet items and shoes were the top categories. There was no data showing the break down between male and female shoppers, but you can probably figure that one out on your own.

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