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Why Your Brand Needs Social Media Today

social_mediaIn recent years there was uncertainty to weather social media could truly benefit big businesses and especially B2B organizations. Now, with recent updates from Google with the Panda update, Search plus your World and Bing’s Tiger update, the answer is certain. Businesses must actively participate in social networking in order to reap the biggest benefits with search engine optimization.

With over a cumulative five billion daily updates on social media networks across the world, consumers are sharing, liking, tweeting, recommending and purchasing products and services they loved and a few that they didn’t. As Nielsen stated, 90% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends and 70% trust opinions posted online. Bottom line, you want consumers talking about your brand.

Google’s and Bing’s recent changes to their search algorithm shifted the preference to consumer-generated content by rewarding sites with rich content that consumers like and to recent social media activity. In fact, a recent study shows that between 75% to 90% of the top 10 search results on any given search engine results page (or SERP) have at least one Facebook like or Twitter tweet.

These recent and ongoing changes make it certain that consumer-generated content is not something that is just nice to have; it is a critical element of any brand’s online marketing strategy. This shift to consumer to consumer marketing not only results in better SEO for your brand, it’s a free recommendation for your brand and one that is taken quite seriously by other consumers.

With social media sharing nearly doubling each year and the rapidly changing search engine algorithms, brands are left with no choice but to dust off their social media networks and launch a social media marketing strategy that encourages customers to talk about their brand and share their content.

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