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Personalized SEO: Custom Search Results for Everyone

In an article written by Josh McCoy of Search Engine Watch, he makes the case that Google and Bing are moving further way from traditional SEO. That is, the days of targeting a page around a keyword, copywriting that page, building some links and calling it a day are over. Personalization is the next logical step in SEO progression, showing that online content marketing efforts need to be fresh, relevant and socially sharable.

At Mobile Word Congress, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt stated, “Google search will continue to become more personalized, getting away from the ‘10 link’ approach that we see in search results today.”

Moving forward, it will become increasingly important to focus on indexing and “crawlability” and pay attention to the returning visitor, not so much the new visitor you want to gain through a search engine. SEO results will become so intensely personalized that attempting to target the 1st position of Google’s search engine results page for a specific keyword term will be seemingly unimportant as search engine results will vary greatly between each user.

Be Relevant

Your company probably has a unifying theme across the entire organization that acts as the company’s brand. Your company’s website should be no different. McCoy suggests that websites will need to be an “owner” of a keyword theme. Your brand will need to be built around that theme and each internal page of your website will be in support of the overall theme.

As Google moves forward with the “entity” matching model, where it deciphers your search query as a whole instead of a keyword phrase, the Google bots will be searching for a theme deemed as sharable and relevant – not individual, keyword-rich pages.

Be Fresh

This part of SEO is fairly straight forward. We have known for awhile now that Google’s bots crawl content that is frequently updated more often. If your website is only updated monthly, the bots will only coming knocking once a month, leaving your most recent content out of Google’s index.

To ensure your freshest content is being fed to Google, make sure your crawling priorities are established in your image, video and standard XML sitemaps. A corporate blog is an excellent way to easily update your website and add fresh, relevant content to keep visitors and Google’s bots coming back for more.

Be Social

If you still aren’t using social networks to promote your brand, you are missing out on a critical part of search engine optimization. The best content on the internet is shared over and over again, and search engines take note of preferential content.

Your brand should be available and openly shareable on mobile, local search and social networks. Today’s search engines are now matching intent with interests. Your brand must be found at the point of adding context to content and adding value via freshly relevant content that people will want to share across the web.

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Source: Search Engine Watch


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