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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a YouTube Channel

YouTube being the #1 video sharing platform and #2 search engine in the world, you would think everyone would have their own YouTube video channel, right? Over two billion videos are being viewed and shared across the world each day, yet many businesses don’t take advantage of YouTube’s massive global audience.

Everyone form bloggers, Fortune 100 companies to Mom-and-Pop shops can use YouTube to their internet marketing advantage to capture their audience’s attention and improve their brand. Here are the top five reasons why you need a YouTube Channel today:

1. YouTube is Universal

Much like math, YouTube videos are studied and used across the globe. Recent studies show that online video is the most engaging form of content on the internet which shows that if you are not using a YouTube Channel to make the most of this universal popularity, then you are missing out on a huge interactive audience.

2. It Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

YouTube allows you to use channel fields and video description fields to fill titles, descriptions and tags with search friendly keywords and phrases that are relevant to your audience. By optimizing your video and channels, your content has the ability to show on Page 1 of Google which can improve your website traffic, increase conversion rates and create an improved brand image across the internet.

3. Be a Thought Leader

Even though YouTube is far from being new, embracing new technologies and media platforms shows clear thought leadership and gives you the upper hand to competitors who aren’t using it yet. By using a YouTube Channel you can present yourself as a true thought leader in your industry.

4. It’s Free.

If the universal popularity and SEO benefits didn’t convince you, or you are wondering how much this all costs – the answer is nil. Whether you want to use it for personal or business use, YouTube Channels are completely free.

5. Video Viral Potential

We’ve all heard the “v” word before, but what does it mean? YouTube essentially is the reason why viral video exists and is when your video goes from zero to hero (in views) virtually overnight. This is done by YouTube users optimizing their channels and videos and interacting on social networks to share their video to generate a massive viewership.

With all these benefits YouTube has to offer, you are probably wondering how you can possibly harness all this video goodness. Contact KEO Marketing today to find out how we can integrate video marketing into your internet marketing strategy.


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