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How The Rise of Mobile Devices Has Affected Search Spend

In the past year alone, mobile paid search (tablets included) has increased by nearly nine times over. If the aggressive trend continues, as it should, this will put mobile paid search spend share near the 10% mark by the beginning of 2012.


If you look at the mobile data provided by Google Adwords, you see the split between tablets and smartphones. Ad spend on tablets is at a staggering 77% of all mobile devices and they also represent 60% of all mobile impressions and clicks.


So what does this mean for your online advertising and website? Simple – expect more mobile and especially tablet traffic and make sure your website is mobile ready. With the tablet market booming with the iPad and Kindle Fire, tablet traffic is bound to continue to increase. As smartphone usage increases and the price of the iPhone continues to drop, it becomes imperative that your website is mobile optimized. Not having a mobile optimized website can hurt your image; tarnish your brand and the worst thing possible for your business – loss of a customer.

So, if your website is not mobile optimized yet, it’s time to contact KEO Marketing to find out how we can optimize your website to engage each of your mobile customers.