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Display Advertising and Search Engine Optimization

When a user enters a search term into a search box, a set of results is displayed along with post-search display ads.  These results, including the display ads, are based not just on which websites are relevant to the search term, but also the intent of the user.  As search engines place more importance on personalizing search results based on user intent, search engine optimization becomes crucial for display advertising.

The intent of an Internet user is now being defined by user profiles, their search terms, search behavior, social networking profiles, site visit history and more.  With these factors affecting the search engine result pages (SERPs), online businesses must find new ways to leverage their display advertising strategies so that they are included in post-search results.

How Can I Leverage Display Advertising for my Business?
KEO Marketing can help you develop display advertising that will attract search engines and exploit online user objectives and behavior.  Using our expertise, campaign optimization and well-researched behavioral targeting on your consumers, we are able to design attractive, effective online display advertising strategies and creative that will increase visits to your site and boost conversion rates.

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